Concerts at East Sussex National


  • Sunday 18th September at 3.00pm - Andy Quinn - Award Winning Composer, Organist and Pianist
  • Sunday 11th December at 3.00pm - Robert Wolfe - The annual ESN Christmas Concert

Phone 01825 880088

An afternoon of Strictly Fun Dancing, a mix of ballroom and popular sequence dances, hosted by Michael Wooldridge.

Phone 01825 880088

Sundays - 3.00pm

  • 25th September
  • 16th October
  • 13th November


  • Sunday 25th February at 3.00pm - Carol Williams FRCO and Michael Wooldridge - Solos and duets on the ESN Wurlitzer and the Carlo Curley Touring Organ
  • Sunday 11th June at 3.00pm - Scott Harrison - International Music Magic from Australia

The East Sussex National WurliTzer and Carlo Curley Touring Organ are installed at the East Sussex National Resort and Spa,
which is situated at Uckfield, Sussex on the A22, between Eastbourne and London, UK.

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