The Cotton 2/9 WurliTzer

Cotton Console
Photo: courtesy D. Ivory

The Wurlitzer-Hope Jones Unit Orchestra no. 1525 was despatched from the company's North Tonawanda factory on Dec 7th 1926, and installed in the Stilwell Theatre, Brooklyn, New York where it would have served both toaugment and fill-in for the theatre's orchestra. It is believed that the organ was repossessed by the Wurlitzer company soon after the arrival of the talkies. In 1930 it was exported to England and installed in Buchanan's Theatre, Leicester Square, London (now Leicester Square Theatre).

It remained in situ until the theatre was modernised in 1968. David England, a well known enthusiast bought the organ, which eventually found its way to Cotton. The long job of rebuilding it at Cotton began in 1975. The organ was officially opened on the 10th October 1982 with Nigel Ogden and David Ivory at the console.In 1995, Mr and Mrs Ken White of Colchester bought the organ (which had been on lease to the Museum) and presented it to the Trustee, thereby ensuring its future at Cotton as part of the collection.

A recording of David Ivory at the Cotton WurliTzer called "The Cotton Sound" is available as either a CD at 7.95UKP or a cassette at 4.95UK. Please add 1.00UKP for post and packing.
Available from: David Ivory. 25 Maynewater Lane, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. IP33 2AB. UK.
Cheques made payable to David Ivory please.

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