Portslade Theatre Organ

A brief history of the three organs involved in the current installation.

Castle Cinema, Merthyr Tydfil, UK. Installed in 1929. It was the first and finest of the theatre organs in Wales. Its most famous organist was Gene Lynn, and during the height of its popularity the console boasted a huge sunburst surround. Altough often being broadcast on radio, it fell into disrepair after the War, and was removed in 1954.

Queen's Cinema, Cricklewood, UK. Installed in 1929 and opened by Leslie James. It was removed in 1960 and was adapted as a residence organ before ending up in a church.

Regal (ABC), Ilford, UK. Installed in 1937 by the John Compton Organ Company, and opened by Wilson Oliphant, was originally a six rank instrument, with an illuminated (jellymould) surround to the console. It was removed from the cinema to the Finchley Methodist Church in 1972.

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