The Current Console Refurbishment at Portslade

Photographs courtesy of Frank Cornish.

At the beginning of April 1999, two of our friends at Portslade, Frank and Bob, were commissioned by David Houlgate, to repair and enhance the current Compton console, as it had been getting (to say the least) tatty! Our first photograph shows the console as it was at the February Robert Wolfe concert. (Close inspection will reveal some of the more serious blemishes - especially on the music desk).

Next is a view of Bob masking the manuals prior to stripping and cleaning the veneer

and the console with the manuals masked and the pedalboard removed

followed by a picture of Bob masking off the toe pistons prior to spraying.

and a view of the final piston masking.

Next is a view of the music desk just before it was resprayed

along with a picture of the removed pedalboard

and a view of the bench which was also refurbished before it replaced the previous seat.

Lastly are three views of the finished console after respraying, polishing and the new gold motifs fitted.

Finally at the console, the three partners in crime....



and Frank.....

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