Singing Hills WurliTzer

Today saw the opening concert of the Singing Hills twin console installation, owned by Michael Hunt shown below

introducing Michael Wooldridge who gave the concert at the smaller Opus 1840 console. (See below)

Michael is one of our local and most talented musicians in the UK. Music ranged from light classical, music from the shows, 50s/60s music, dance music as a selection of waltzes, to some sing-along tunes at the end. There was a competition to guess colours, flowers, boys names, and places according to some 40 short musical extracts, and the customary mid concert break was marked by a very sumptuous tea. It must be said that the installation at present has only five ranks playing on two manuals, and Michael was able to coax some very nice sounds and variations from it. In fact the entire team are to be congratulated on a first class job.

The visual highlight of the occasion must be the public unveiling of the three manual console along with its highly colourful ABC style jellymould. This next picture shows the larger console just rising through the floor on its lift, after the smaller console was moved to the left to make way for it.

For the uninitiated, the "jellymould" gives a (mostly) constantly changing light display, so it will appear in different colours according to the moment the photograph was taken. The next clip shows the console and jellymould raised to its full height through the floor.

followed by a close-up showing yet another colour.

and another colour

Next is a picture which shows the actual console, although there is some light reflection, it is largely unhindered by its gold and glass surround.

These last pictures of the actual consoles show both consoles together at floor level,

and their proud owner, Michael Hunt with his treasured possessions

Last but not least is a view inside the single chamber which house the nineteen ranks of pipes that will all be playable from the three manual console.

Details of the currently operational Opus 1840 console

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