Chris Powell at Singing Hills 2004

Chris Powell at the WurliTzer 3/23
Chris Powell at the WurliTzer 3/23
Photo: © Webbwize

Introduced as an artiste with a strong Blackpool connection, although Chris Powell did indeed entertain Blackpool Tower audiences, he gave us much more than that, as he played the final concert of the current Singing Hills season.

Chris's versatility was apparent from the outset, as he played a wide variety of music styles, keeping his friends and fans entertained for the afternoon.

Speaking of which, it is always good to see an artiste such as Chris, acknowledge individual members of their audience, pick them out by face and make them feel 'at home'.

It was also gratifying to see that Chris had brought his father with him. Although not quite as pretty as Chris's wife!! He must be very proud of his son's achievements!

Chris Powell acknowledges friends
Chris Powell acknowledges friends.
Photo: © Webbwize
Chris Powell says farewell
Chris Powell says farewell with a sing-song.
Photo: © Webbwize

Chris Powell always comes over as a thoroughly nice guy and seems to have taken several leaves out of the book of one of his predecessors at Blackpool - Reginald Dixon. He likes to keep a friendly atmosphere with his audienceand actually gives a very good impression of Reg's playing style, as borne out by his final selection of a Blackpool style singalong medley, played just as Reg used to do.

For sn encore Chris played the world famous Radetzky March which is always a good piece to finish up with, as the audience usually leaves with happy toe-tapping memories of an entertaining afternoon's music.

Chris Powell - 2004 concert
Chris Powell - 2004 concert.
Photo: © Webbwize
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