Len Rawle/Catherine Drummond 2003 Worthing Concert

Catherine Drummond at the Worthing WurliTzer
Catherine Drummond at the Worthing WurliTzer.
Photo: Webbwize

It was a privilege and a pleasure to attend the latest concert on the Worthing WurliTzer featuring Catherine Drummond and Len Rawle. Catherine appeared in a dress suit with a glittering red waistcoat which made her look a million dollars, and played the first half on in her own thoughtful but very entertaining style. Starting off with a very pleasing "Knightsbridge March".

At a relatively young age for a theatre organist, Catherine is a credit to herself and to Len Rawle as her tutor. As Len later said, they love playing music together and this was apparently obvious when we were treated to an organ/piano duet when Len sat at the Steinway to play "Eleanora".

Catherine Drummond in concert
Catherine Drummond in concert.
Photo: Webbwize
Len Rawle in duet
Len Rawle in duet.
Photo: Webbwize

Organ and piano were perfectly in tune - not one of the easiest states to achieve, and a credit to the maintenance team. The piece was 'lively' and well balanced between piano and organ, and neither performer tried to 'outdo' the other (which is often sadly the case) showing that each appreciated the others' musical point of view.

Catherine is very accomplished on the Saxophone and of course organ and saxophone were also very much in tune (as you would expect) and so were our two artistes as they played duets during the second part of their concert.

Catherine Drummond plays Saxophone
Catherine Drummond plays Saxophone.
Photo: Webbwize
Len Rawle at the Worthing WurliTzer
Len Rawle at the Worthing WurliTzer.
Photo: Webbwize

Of course proceedings would not have been complete without Len playing some of his own favourite solo items. Certainly these days, Len appears unpressured and conveys thorough enjoyment of what he is doing.

Forever friends in music
Forever friends in music.
Photo: Webbwize

A nice touch, as Len invited Catherine to join him at the console of the Worthing WurliTzer to play a final duet.

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